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Posted on 06-06-2016

Spotlight Patient

Our VERY first patient when we opened, John Sneed, is the spotlight patient for the week!  This brave man survived our first day which was the definition of Murphy's Law, complete with scheduling mixups, construction workers, an attempted coup and lived to tell the story!  John is a financial analyst, which we know he is great at because of his attention to detail.  He came to Visionelle to get superior service as well as top of the line glasses.  He chose a frame from our exclusive Visionelle Collection. 

John picked one of the zyl Visionelle frames.  It is a traditional shape to give him a very professional look.  Our Visionelle frames are classic, modern, trendy, and crafted to perfection.  Each frame is handmade and hand picked by Dr. Thomas herself!  These frames can only be found at Visionelle Eyecare!

Let's get to know John a little more...

1.) What is your perfect pizza?  Sausage/Pepperoni

2.) What is the last picture you took with your phone?  A business photo

3.) If you could have a super power what would it be?  Granting Wishes

4.) If you retire tomorrow, what will you do?  Work/Travel

5.) If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month which would it be?  Seinfeld

6.) If your family was a holiday what holiday would they be?   Easter

7.) If your whole wardrobe had to be one color, which color would you choose?  Blue

8.) Out of these mystical worlds, where would you prefer to live?
- Narnia (Chronicles of Narnia)
-Hogwarts (Harry Potter)
-Middle Earth (Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit)
-Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland)
-Emerald City (Wizard of Oz)

9.) Would you rather see the future or read minds?  Future

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