11 Common Household Chores That Can Cause Blindness

With more time at home, this is the perfect time to tackle your honey-do list! Before you pick up that hammer, keep this in mind:
45% if eye injuries are due to everyday at-home activities.
Here’s another shocker, 125,000 eye injury occur each year involving common household products.
Before you laugh and say that there’s no way that would ever happen to you because you leave the dangerous tasks to the pros, here’s a list of the most common tasks that cause eye injury:
Inside the house:
-Hazardous cleaning products and chemicals
-Splatter from hot cooking oil (keep this in mind while you decide if you want to deep fry that Thanksgiving turkey)
-Drilling/hammering that cause projectiles such as nails, screws and splinters
Outside the house:
-Mowing the lawn
-Using an edger
-Clipping hedges
-Sun exposure
In the garage:
-Power tools
-Working with chemicals
-Tasks that produce fragments and dust particles
-Securing equipment with bungee cords
90% of these injuries can be avoided by wearing protective eyewear. It’s less expensive purchase a pair of safety googles than to pay the emergency visit tand treatment cost that may result from an errant bungee cord. Need a prescription pair? We got you covered!
Hang in there and stay safe!!


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