Americans check their phones 80 times a day!

According to research, Americans check their phone on average once every 12 minutes!!! Holy blue-light exposure, Batman! Since high energy blue-light cause so many issues in the eyes and computers/cellphones have the highest concentration of blue-light, this stat is enough to make an eye doctor break out into hives!

Blue light has high energy waves and penetrates the eye all the way to the retina. Studies are still underway to determine the affects of this light to the delicate structures of the eye but it is believed to cause macular degeneration!

What we do know is blue light causes digital eye strain! Some symptoms are trouble focusing, dry eyes, and eye fatigue. Blue light can also cause sleeping issues because it tricks your body into believing it’s daytime.

Lucky for you, there are some solutions:

1. Never skip the anti-glare coating on your glasses
2. Consider lenses that block blue light and help with eye fatigue
3. Step away from the computer! Give it a rest when you can and literally stop, go out and smell the roses


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