If Cinderella’s shoe fit perfectly, why did it fall off?

I’m not sure who this person is but the Prince should hire investigators to find out!

Is necessary to do a contact lens evaluation every year? Absolutely! Your contact lens Rx is not the same as your glasses Rx because the are on your eyeball not in front of it. The evaluation is checking to see if the contacts are the right size/shape and providing enough oxygen to keep the tissue clear and healthy.

I will give Cinderella (if that’s her real name) the benefit of the doubt because if the feet are anything like the eyes, they do change over time.

So my advice to you is make sure you get your eyes rechecked every year to ensure your contacts are still a perfect fit and won’t damage your eye or fall off (like the real Cinderella’s shoe).

My advice to the prince, get a good prenup just in case the person you spent dancing the night away with at the ball finally shows up. And, dude, get a good pair of glasses so you can use your eyes to identify the face the love of your life instead of her feet.



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