What is the easiest way to go blind this summer?

If you’re looking for the fastest path to vision loss this summer, you’ve found it! Swimming in your contacts can cause infections, painful ulcers and blindness.

There’s a scary little parasite called acanthamoeba that lives in water and loves warm wet places (read: your cornea). It can attach to your contact lenses and then discover that your cornea makes a hearty snack. Acanthamoeba is difficult to diagnose and extremely hard to treat so prevention is key.

The FDA recommends your contact lenses or cases are never exposed to any kind of water, including tap water, sterile water and H20 in swimming pools, oceans, lakes, hot tubs and showers.

If you are a descendent of Magoo, I’d recommend investing in swim googles. They’ll protect your eyes, help you see underwater and you’ll look like a pro!

However, if you must insist on wearing contacts during your water adventures, let’s have a conversation about daily wear contacts lenses. Removing and disposing of your lenses immediately after water exposure will decrease your chances of losing your vision.

Have a safe and happy summer!


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