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You don't just want an eye exam - you want a fresh experience with an eye doctor who can take care of your medical needs, and a team of design professionals who will fit you with frames that match your style & vibe.

Welcome to the Visionelle experience.


I’m Nytarsha, a doctor of optometry specializing in whole-souled eyecare & designer frames. When I started Visionelle Eyecare here in Zionsville, my mission was to step outside the box by providing top-quality medicine in a modern, spa-like environment.

I know you want to feel like you know your doctor, and trust is earned not given, so here are a few facts about me to start our relationship:

Where I graduated: I received my doctorate at Pennsylvania College of Optometry in Philadelphia where I gained experience in pediatrics.

My professional background: I worked in a corporate practice in California and learned that I do NOT want a corporate practice! That's when Tobe and I decided to make a change here to Indiana.

When I'm not here: I'm a proud mom, a Harry Potter fan, and spend waaay too much time creating comedic videos for our YouTube Channel!

Celebrity Look Alike: Kim Kardashian

Meet Tobe.

Co-owner of Visionelle Eyecare, Tobe Thomas is a captain for a major US airline and graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering.

We are proud to be a local family-owned business!

In Tobe's words:

When I'm not here: I listen to boring people on YouTube read off facts about space and recount theories on the feasibility of interstellar and trans-dimensional travel, and other “light-hearted” topics. 

Meet Rae.

As our receptionist, Rae is the first person you will meet when you visit Visionelle Eyecare for the first time. She is perfect for her role - not only for her smiling friendly personality, but also because Rae and her family have been patients here at the practice since we first opened!

Rae is a true treasure, and we are so lucky to have her here. She will make you feel welcome and cherished as a member of our clientele.

Celebrity Look ALike: Molly Ringwald - the 1980's version!

Meet Coki.

Coki (Optician Savant) is here to make you feel great about your new glasses! As an aspiring fashion designer, she knows just the pair of glasses that will make you look your best. Her fun-loving attitude during pretesting makes for an awesome opening act before you get treated by Dr. Thomas.

Favorite pair of glasses:

Anything worn by Elton John!

Meet Kelsey.

Kelsey is our newest member of Visionelle. She can't function without her morning coffee and breakfast, but is very bubbly, outgoing, and loves to talk! She and her family's favorite holiday is Halloween. Every year they take time to decorate her parent's house with fun/scary decorations and pass out goodies to the kids that trick or treat. In Kelsey's free time, she loves to spend time with her fiance watching new shows and going to the movies.

Favorite Starbucks Drink:

Venti iced pumpkin spice latte with no whip, 2 pumps of caramel, and an extra shot of espresso. (Very basic fall-loving girl).

Meet Capri.

Rounding out our diverse and inclusive team is one of our longest-standing employees - Capri! She is our Canine Security Officer and can often be seen putting in long hours (of naps) to keep us safe.

*Don't worry! She's very friendly and loves belly rubs.

Favorite music: Smooth jazz

What Patients Say

Excellent, personable staff. They're knowledgeable, kind, and efficient. I love the glasses I got from here and the doctor was excellent. Can't say enough good things about this place.

Alexis C.

The personnel in the shop were great and patient from the moment you enter. While choosing frames they let you examine each frame as long as you choose, and offer their opinion if you ask. Very relaxed environment!

Robert S.

Dr. Thomas is awesome! Besides from being the best optometrist in the state, she is very engaging, funny, kind and caring. The staff is very friendly and helpful when searching for a new pair of glasses. Especially, if you struggle like me.

Clay L.

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