Laugh and Learn: Blue Light and How Its Affecting your Eyes!

Blue Light is high energy light. Have a laugh with us as we illustrate how blue light from your devices affect your eyes...


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How To Go Blind This Summer

Swimming in your contacts can cause eye infections, painful ulcers, and BLINDNESS.

There’s a scary little parasite called acanthamoeba that lives in water and loves warm wet places (read: your cornea underneath a contact lens). It can attach to your contact lenses and then discover that your cornea makes a hearty snack.


Americans Check Their Phones 80 Times A Day!

According to research, Americans check their phone on average once every 12 minutes!!! Holy blue-light exposure, Batman! Since high energy blue-light cause so many issues in the eyes and computers/cellphones have the highest concentration of blue-light, this stat is enough to make an eye doctor break out into hives.

11 Common Household Chores That Can Cause Blindness

45% if eye injuries are due to everyday at-home activities.


Here’s another shocker, 125,000 eye injury occur each year involving common household products.


Before you laugh and say that there’s no way that would ever happen to you because you leave the dangerous tasks to the pros, here’s a list of the most common tasks that cause eye injury

4 Reasons Not To Sleep In Your Contacts

There are so many reasons not to sleep in your contacts. But instead of pulling a "mom" and saying "because I said so," we are going to give you 4 huge reasons why you should NEVER sleep in your contacts.